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I know it is quite different than the Winter that many of our friends and family are currently experiencing, but this weekend we got a taste of a Southern California Winter….

On Saturday the town of Carpinteria had a snow festival, meaning that the day included two tons of real snow, an appearance by Frosty, “ice” skating, and temperatures in the lower 70s.

Mason had a lot of fun playing in the snowy slush, making small snowmen, and throwing the snow ice mixture high up into the air. Caleb seemed to have fun too. He napped while Mason played and strolled around for a while after we were done with lunch.

My guess is that the kids will take a snow play date anytime especially if you leave the cold out of the picture!

Here are a few photos from the day… Enjoy!







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  1. Grandma and Grandpa Watson

    You are right about CA winters being different than Iowa’s! Great that Carp gives kids a chance to see and play in it. You got some good pictures. Is the stuff in the snow bird seed?


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