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We take a lot of photos of the kids…. hundreds every week. Many are of activities, outings, eating food, goofy faces but not many of them are close ups. Another struggle is that both of the kids have been moving and shaking so much that it is hard to get a photo in focus.
Recently I took a couple photos that met my criteria for this blog post: head shots that were in focus, close up, and simple. Hope you enjoy







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  1. Bob and Linda Watson

    What do grandparents say to close up photos like that? Precious and thanks.

  2. Love these!

  3. We love seeing the pics! Caleb is a beauty and Mason is really turning into a little boy! We love you all.

  4. Oh Boys Elaine and Mark These 2 little boys are just eautiful they could b e in Hollywood I love getting updates Caleb has changed so  much when these guys are 14-48, the girls and ladies will  be swooning keep ’em comin  Exercise Daily Walk with God



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