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Sorry that the blog has been on the back burner recently. The days start early, Elaine and I often wish that we went to bed earlier, and then it repeats. The days, weeks, and months have flown since we moved (11 months!).

The kids are all doing so well. Mason has grown and changed so much in recent months- losing more of his baby face, stretching longer, and chatting up a storm about whatever is on his mind (more on that later). Caleb is a little sweetheart and big copycat. He follows Mason around everywhere and needs to be doing everything that Mason is doing. Yes they push each other’s buttons at times, but they are very sweet to each other.

Which leads up to superhero…Mason’s current fixation. He found some small videos on youtube of adults playing with superhero action figures and then began binging on them. Then throughout the day he began talking about them. Next he requested that we tell stories about superheroes. Pretty soon Mason’s universe became D.C. and Marvel. We got a lot of Batman, Superman, Ironman, Joker, Wolverine, Robin, and Catwoman. But it continued to grow and seriously the kid was talking about villains and superheroes that should be C level for a 3 year old; Solomon Grundy, Captain Cold, Falcon, and Scarecrow.

This brings us to a couple of weeks ago. Elaine was out of town (a training in Chicago for her NEW job!) and Mason starting talking about wanting superhero costumes. It a little time, energy, and creativity Mason and I made some superhero items out of cardboard. Needless to say he was so excited and refused to take the Wolverine claws off to go to bed. It was a great weekend and fun to see him so excited and be able to explore his interests.

Boys weekend was a hit… superheroes, ice cream, and lots of play!

IMG_0858 IMG_0863 IMG_0867 IMG_0886 IMG_0897IMG_0855IMG_0847IMG_0966


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  1. Auntie Kelley

    Uncle Peter was Wolverine for Halloween. He didn’t want to take his claws off either!

  2. Bob and Linda Watson

    We all need super heroes in our lives. Thanks for being a good one/ones Mason! Can’t wait to see you in August. Grandma

  3. MarkI love the Oh BoyWhat a creative child you and Elaine have producedSuperman stuff is really popular in every decadeM can entertain himself for hoursHe’ll get Caleb in the act somehowWhat is Elaine’s NEW job?You’ll be heading NORTH Soo  AND IT WILL BE SUCH FUN WITH o AND z AND mtAKE LOTS OF PICS AND SEND ANOTHER oh bOyI LOVE IT ALLAN IL OVE ALL OF YOuso sorry about the typingI always hit the wrong buttuns Exercise Daily Walk with God



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