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2015 Recap

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Filled with ups and downs, 2015 was a quite the year. One thing it lacked was consistent blog updates. Sorry. Elaine and I will try to a better job moving forward.

Portland continues to fit us and we to it. So much so that we bought a house and closed right before Thanksgiving. The house is a 90 year old beautiful home filled with charm, large windows, hard wood floors, and a fireplace (much needed on a day like today). It’s needed very little from us and have given us a lot. We still are in organizational mode with boxes around the house and finding ideal homes for things but the whole process has been incredibly smooth.

The boys love running in a¬†circle around our main floor often chasing each other or just to run. They started a preschool a couple months ago and love going to it. It’s been fun having them come home with crafts and hearing about their day. Their superhero interest has yet to peak and there aren’t many days that go by without me getting blasted or joining in a story about heroes and villains. This year’s Mason’s days have revolved around playing outside, watching Wild Kratts (learning crazy facts about obscure animals that he’ll randomly spit out), dancing, and being silly. Caleb does his best to keep up with his big brother in every aspect. He usually is tied to his yellow blanket, loves watching Pup Patrol, likes crafts, and I’ve recent learned that he has a unique interest in Star Wars and Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ruby misses our old house and giant yard, but I’m guessing that she will love out backyard more in the Spring and Summer. She continues to hog the couch, carefully monitor everyone’s food, and has a nack for finding the sunshine in the house. Mason has become her best friend “needing” her to sleep in his room every night. Pretty cute indeed.

Elaine and I do our best to keep up with the world moving around us. Things get crazy at times but overall we are loving life and each other.

Cheers to an action packed year and here’s to 2016, more blog updates, and lots of smiles.

(photos coming later)