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A Day in the Life of an Almost One Year Old

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Back in April Elaine and I had an idea of taking a photo of Mason every hour of during his day and posting it to the blog.  It was fun project and we decided to make it a tradition and continue it on a six months basis.

Crazy enough, it’s that time again and here are the photos from our day, Sunday, September 30th.

Our day of an almost 1 year old started at 7:45am and was filled with playtime, walks, meeting Elaine for lunch, naps, eating, and periods of shuffling feet. It ended a little early at 6:45pm and hopefully is filled with sweet dreams.

Incase you missed the six month blog post or want to compare the two here is  the link. I suggest that you check it out… it is unbelievable to see how big and independent he has gotten in only six months.


Wake up at 7:45am and time to play


Breakfast time 8:45am (oatmeal, grapes, water, & cereal puffs)


Playing with Ruby and practicing walking at 9:45am


Nap Time! 10:45am


One of many diaper changes of the day (11:45am)


Lots of books to read today 12:45pm


Meeting Mom during her lunch break! 1:45pm


Back home for a nap at 2:45pm. Unfortunately Mason never fell asleep but he did rest and play in his crib for about 45 minutes. Nice to have a little break and watch a little football


Mason and I started a walk up on the Mesa along Shoreline (3:45pm)


Still out on our walk but taking a peek-a-boo break in the grass on SBCC campus (4:45pm)

6:45pm & Mason had just fallen asleep. I think we were both worn out from a busy day


{this moment}

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{this moment} – A SouleMama Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

((two photos this week))



Coordination at One Month

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Last Thursday Mason celebrated his 1 month birthday! This was a monumental day (more for us than him) and we “celebrated” by telling him he was now one month old, we took some photos, and ate some old Halloween candy. Killer party but holy moly one month has flown by!

Over the month Mason has gained weight, he’s now around 10lbs, and we’ve recently noticed that he is gaining more control of his head and doing a better job of tracking us (and the ceiling fans) with his eyes.

He was born with a strong neck but recently he has been lifting, turning, and making more intentional and controlled movements.  A couple of times last week Elaine put him down for some tummy time- from what I heard the first time was not successful but the second was much easier. No photos were taken of the first attempt 😉

Mason’s love affair with the fans has continued but like I mentioned he is now much better at following us as we move around. His eyes are open a lot but until recently they were just open. Now they are looking and he is gazing at objects, seems more curious about things, and likes to be outside. His eyes still have a lot of blue in them and we’ll see how the genetic war plays out. Regardless it is fun to see him engage with us and see him grown in so many ways!

One last comment on his coordination.. Over the last couple weeks Ruby has begun licking Mason’s feet, hands, and loves to kiss his face.  If you’ve never met Ruby, she loves kisses and can lick and lick and lick. Poor, stationary, and uncoordinated Mason is a sitting duck for them. Their bonding has required our supervision mostly so we can advocate when he’s had enough bonding. Last night they were on our bed and she started to lick to his forehead much like she usually does. Well, Mason must not have wanted puppy kisses at the moment and he quickly swung his hands up and smacked her away. We all learned lessons in that moment – Mason is not Ruby’s licking toy and we might not need to step in as often now.  (Ida- we will not let Ruby lick him too much and yes he wore a hat to bed last night)

As promised here are some ONE MONTH photos. Smiles are coming! Thanks for reading…

PS the whole gaining an hour of sleep during day light savings is no longer valid