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Four Months Update

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Happy 4 months Mason! It is really crazy how quickly the weeks and now months have flown. Elaine does a great job giving the recent monthly changes but here is my attempt at a few moments of the last few weeks:

Teething sucks. We suspected it a few weeks ago based on the drool, constant items in his mouth, and quick change in his sleeping pattern. It was helpful to get doctor confirmation but even being first time parents the diagnosis was pretty clear. The pain seems to come and go in waves, but usually seems to get more intense at night. Nothing has broken through his gums yet, but we inspect his gums on a regular basis to see if there is a change.

Eczema on top of teething sucks even worse. What started off as a small patch of dry skin seemed to consume most of his body overnight. We have it pretty under control at the moment, but there were a few days that we both had “what do we do?” looks on our face. We now have a little routine of oil, lotion, neosporin, and band-aid. We get to do this a couple times a day and the poor kid gets bathed in it about 3 times a day. He gets pretty slippery but smells pretty nice.

Good-bye bassinet! During this month we packed up the bassinet and have successfully transitioned to a crib in our second room. There were some touchy times at first, but overall it has been a smooth for Mason and Elaine and myself. Funny thing is that even with such a big sleeping space somehow he always ends up smashed up against the edge every night.

Outside and inside the crib Mason is practicing balance by sitting up on his own and wiggles around his back to move one inch at a time. I know it is one small step, but we no longer have a stationary baby! The latest fun game is going from laying on his back to standing. By just grabbing his hands Mason does a pretty solid job of getting to his feet.

This month also gave Mason his first taste of water. I never saw him have a drink but I guess he had a couple small sips over the course of the month. It also gave him his first super small taste of solid food. Elaine shared with me this morning that she presented the smallest flake of flat bread to Mason the other morning and his tongue quickly darted out to snag it. We had been presenting our food to him for the past few weeks and we always got a blank stare. As the flat bread test proved, we can no longer offer him things unless we want him to eat it! This next chapter will be a lot of fun.


We will be away this next week in beautiful Hawaii and I’m not sure how much blogging either Elaine or I will be doing..but you never know. We are looking forward to spending some time with my parents, watching sunsets, and kicking it at the beach. One thing that can’t come soon enough is time with Elaine and Mason that doesn’t involve work, big projects, or apartment therapy.

On a side note, THANK YOU for making January our biggest month yet. During the month we had over 800 visits and topped our old record of 700. Pretty cool if you ask me.
Aloha for now!

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My baby’s growing up!!!

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This is Mason’s first night sleeping in his crib in his own room…

It’s bittersweet.

I’m both excited for a new little milestone

And feeling so sad that he won’t be sleeping right next to me!!

Wish us luck that he has good sleep tonight!

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