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Can someone please tell me… how in the world it has already been ONE YEAR?!

HOW is it that this tiny baby…


has turned into THIS one year old little boy?!

This smiley, giggly, rambunctious, furniture climbing, crawling machine blows my mind on a daily basis.  I really do feel like I’ve just blinked my eyes and he’s changed such an unbelievable amount!




Berkeley Sunshine

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Two quick photos from our trip last weekend to Berkeley. The sun finally came out on Sunday and Mason and I took advantage of it!
Have a great day!



November Twenty Nine ::part 2::

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Just another little itty bitty birthday note…

As I think over my past few birthdays, so much has changed over the years.  All of my recent birthdays have been so very different, and so very wonderful in different ways.  All have been filled with friends and family and lots and lots of love.  I am beyond grateful for every single event that has brought me to this birthday today; joyful and tearful, silly and stressful, confusing and drenched with clarity.  To spend my month learning, experiencing and embarking on new adventures big and small.  To spend such precious time with the people I love most in the world.  What a crazy, amazing, whirlwind of a year!  I cannot fathom how it’s even possible to express how in love with my life I am right now.

More to come soon…

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But in the meantime, I must say…

There is nothing quite so amazing in this world as baby snuggles.