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A Two Month Post (quick, before he turns three months!)

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Because almost all spare time this month has been spent Christmassing… we forgot to put up a Two Month post!

We took our little man to his two month appointment on December 12th and he is officially

  • 2 feet tall (24 inches)! ūüôā
  • 13 pounds, 6.5 ounces
  • 41 centimeters head circ.

And they told us where he landed percentage-wise amongst other babies his age. ¬†He’s in the 78th percentile for height and weight and 66th percentile for the size of his head. ¬†He’s a little bean sprout is shooting up so fast!

waiting for vaccinationsHe had his first vaccinations at that appointment too. ¬†Doesn’t he look like he’s worriedly awaiting them? ¬†One squirt of sour oral vaccination (he puckered his tiny lips after tasting), and a shot in each of his poor little legs, upon which he let out an immediate cry of pain. ¬†Break my heart! ¬†They recommended feeding him after his shots to distract and soothe him, and they checked on him ¬†ten minutes later to make sure there was no reaction from the shots. ¬†He was totally fine, except for being a bit more fussy, and spent most of the rest of the day looking like this:after vaccinations

Dr. Hamdani gave us a ton of food for thought for the coming months. ¬†Lots of handouts on vaccinations, development language stimulation and introducing solid foods to his diet, which we won’t be starting till about 4 months (I think Mark flinched when she reviewed the sheet and got to the part about introducing him to meat… a topic which has not yet come to completion in the discussion process). ¬†I think it sent both of our heads into a whirlwind, realizing that while he may not be at the point where he’s eating real food or speaking actual words yet… those days are close enough that we should be preparing for them! ¬†Blows my mind everyday.

Here are some photos of him at two months (and a couple days). ¬†Look back at this post if you want to compare him to previous months ūüôā

two months1

two months2

two months3

two months4

I think that this is the month that I’ve noticed the most pointed changes in awareness and interaction. ¬†It seemed like the day he hit two months, all of a sudden he discovered new abilities, and is more interested in what’s going on around him. ¬†At two months, Mason…

  • Only cries during diaper changes now when he’s also either tired or puppy kisseshungry. ¬†Instead he gurgles, coos, smiles, furrows his brow or bats away Ruby kisses (which he hasn’t quite decided whether he likes or not)
  • Will not only look at us from across the room… but will look for us when we call to him, watch us when we leave the room and still be looking towards the door waiting for us when we come back (unless he’s found something else more interesting in the meantime)
  • Has outgrown most of his 0-3 month clothing and is even fitting into some 6 month onesies
  • Is already in medium¬†Masonsized Gdiapers (which opened us up to a variety of¬†new colors!)
  • Has a little bald ring around the back of his head, we’re guessing from turning his head from side to side countless times when he’s trying to (or resisting) falling asleep
  • Is a rockstar at tummy time and will keep his head up for a few minutes at a time and will even roll onto his back on a pretty regular basis
tummy time1 tummy time2 tummy time3 tummy time4
  • Has about 10 times the control over his head that he’s had in previous weeks. ¬†He has such a strong little neck that he’s¬†this¬†close to not needing any head support from us at all
  • Now looks at himself in the mirror… which he never did before hitting two months. ¬†In fact I just caught him staring up at the mirror above the swing, babbling to himself
  • Mark talked about his various “words” now… definitely so much more talkative!
  • smiling faceSmiles galore, we can usually provoke a string of smiles and encourage them once they start coming. ¬†He wakes up smiling most of the time (kid is definitely a morning person), he even smiles in his sleep on occasion
  • He seems to enjoy being read to! Which is a huge excitement for me, given our very first attempt! But now he looks at the pages more often than not, he’ll talks back to me while I’m reading, and will sometimes even stop fussing if i pull out a book and start to read to him. ¬†So rad.reading time
  • This one makes me a bit sad… but he doesn’t snuggle nearly as much as he used to, and he only falls asleep in our arms now when he’s very, very tired. ¬†(I used to breathe in those newborn moments when he was sleeping on my chest, knowing it wouldn’t happen forever… no one told me it stops so soon!) ¬†He’s far too interested in what’s going on around him now to lay his head down now… that’s actually one of his sleepy cues, we know he’s getting tired when he starts to nuzzle.
  • Has become much more predictable with his napping and waking routine. ¬†Both Mark and I getting more and more in tune with his sleepy signals and he’s often out like a light with the help of his little lamb swing
  • angry faceIf we don’t take advantage of the signals he sends us that he’s tired… he’s a giant pill to get to sleep. ¬†We have to hold his hands down to calm him when he flails and keep sticking the pacifier back in his mouth when he spits it out or plucks it out with his newly found hands
  • And his hands… oh how he loves his hands! His hands are another thing he found as soon as he hit two months. ¬†He looks at them with fascination and loves to suck on his hands with gusto, sometimes plucking out his pacifier to replace it with his fingers. ¬†Sometimes one finger… sometimes three… sometimes both hands into his tiny mouth at once! ¬†Oh the slurping involved ūüôā
mmm hands
I gotta tell you… watching and helping this little dude to grow and learn is pretty much one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced.


Ah, to be a beginner

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I’m in the living room, Melody Gardot singing to me, while I’m wishing I knew how to work the heater without fear of something going wrong.

I put the baby in the swing while I made my breakfast, and in a lucky stroke, he’s fallen asleep and rocks contentedly even after I’ve finished eating. Whenever he falls asleep outside of my arms, I search my mind for what I should or could be doing with this valuable hands free time. Sometimes responsibility gets the better of me and I do the dishes or fold laundry or pick up around the house. But this morning (thanks to another lucky stroke yesterday) none of that needs to be done. Sometimes I’m still tired from the night, or freshly tired from the day, and all I want to do is lay and watch a show or read what other people have written. And then there’s the occasional revelation that I could do something just for me. Something creative. Something like writing or cooking or drawing or scrapbooking.¬† Things that I used to be able to do freely once upon a time, that I didn’t do nearly as often as I could, but still did far more often than I’m able to now. Since it’s on the less labor intensive side of the scale, I chose to write. Writing can be started and stopped if my sleeping babe decides his nap is over. But to have glorious stretches of time in which to write… that chance is rare these days. And now that I have it… I’m struggling with what I want to say.

It’s interesting to live, this whole process of being a mother. The incredible and complex contexts of meaning that word brings up just on it’s own… but then the actual practice of it. It is literally a practice. A compilation of trials and errors, leading us to some things that are helpful and some things we have to keep practicing in different ways until one seems to fit. For the time being.

I’ve always been good at being a beginner. When I’m interested in learning, that is. If you put me in a math class that I don’t want to be in, I’m bitter, I’m resistant, I’m willingly distracted and I’m generally pretty arrogant about what’s worth my time and what’s not. But put me in a learning context that I want to immerse myself in, and I will eagerly explore. I have no problem trying new approaches, asking for advice, admitting when I haven’t a clue of what I’m doing. It’s true with dancing, it’s true learning bodywork, it’s true in a finance class. And so I’ve come to understand… it’s true with mothering. Of course when something is really important to me, I have the initial instinct to want to know that I am absolutely doing the right thing. But I’ve known too, and realize more every day, that there isn’t a right way of putting your baby to sleep, or comforting him when he’s upset, or of using your free time when he’s napping. There’s your way of putting your baby to sleep and there’s my way. And furthermore, there’s my way of putting him to sleep tonight, and my way of putting him to sleep yesterday. And my way a month ago. Because everyday, every hour even… we get to know our baby a little bit more. And tomorrow his habits might change, and we’ll have to be beginners all over again.

My days are much simpler now. Sometimes we go for a walk around town, sometimes we only walk out to the backyard. Sometimes he naps long enough for me to write for an hour, sometimes he doesn’t stay content long enough for me to do throw a load of wash in. Sometimes he loves the swing, watches me as I walk around, makes faces at himself in the mirror above him, snoozes. Sometimes he screams as soon as I put him in it and doesn’t stop till he’s picked up again. His mood determines the productivity of my day, and his presence has redefined that word for me. I haven’t found a predictable routine to our days yet… but patterns are starting to emerge, and certain activities are starting to stand out and reoccur. And what a productive or successful day has started to mean to me, is a day in which I am most present throughout it. The days that I enjoy the most, are the days that I’m most able to let go of any imposed ideas of what I should be able to do or accomplish. Those are the days where I am most reactive. Responding to what the moment calls for. What Mason will enjoy in the moment, and what I will feel good about in the moment. Which… ironically enough… is something I had been trying to achieve long before Mason was even a twinkle. And I think it’s the simplicity of our days that has allowed me to tune into this responsiveness better now than I had been able to before.

Soak up your moments as well.
Whether they are momentarily filled with frustrations, coos and smiles, or open-ended time.

Swinging Nap