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Parks parks parks

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We’re wrapping up our last night in Portland and I was looking through the photos on my phone. Low and behold most of them are of food and parks.

On this trip we went into four neighborhoods and found a number of pretty cool parks- even one on top of a dormant volcano! I’d be willing to bet that this was Mason’s highlight of the trip. He gotten much more adventurous on the playground equipment and loves watching the big kids, babies, and adults.

Here are a couple park photos from the last two days.







The Rose City

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Portland was very good to us. People were unbelievable friendly and we had some great food. Vegan this, vegetarian that.. Elaine probably took a thousand photos of her food and wished she had a bigger stomach. One of our food adventures was to Voodoo Donuts. We were blessed with almost no line and a craving for some funky donuts.

The weather was cooperative- our first day was blue skies and the next couple were rainy, gray, or misty. I got a chance to talk with a hotel maintenance man for a few minutes as Mason and I started bundling up for a walk in the rain and he had some great, but casual words of advice

Rain or shine, you’ve got to enjoy your day.

My shoes got soaked on our walk, but looking back that walk was one of my favorite parts of this trip so far.

It would take a long time to recap everything that we did but highlights were walking the city, getting an endless supply of good food, walking through Washington Park, driving the Eastside during Mason’s naps, and hanging out with Elaine’s cousin Rich, his wife Courtney, and daughter Sophia.

Here are a few more photo collages of food trucks, park walks, and of course Powell’s City of Books…

Portland, the City of Roses, Stumptown… call it what you will but we had a great time and thank you for a great few days.


Beaver Nation

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Corvallis welcomed us to town with a beautiful rainbow and treated us well the past three days. We had a small hotel room near downtown and the river and did a lot of walking. In all, I think we walked most of the city and the downtown area daily. The weather cooperated for the most part but it did rain everyday and we bought umbrellas at a local thrift shop.

Corvallis also taught us that Mason is still allergic to eggs. Bummer. We were having breakfast on Wednesday and low and behold Elaine’s veggie fritter had a surprise egg ingredient. Luckily Mason started refusing his food and we noticed that he was breaking out around his eyes and cheek. We were able to get him some medication and he napped longer but otherwise got better quickly.

On a positive note we had a great meal at Gathering Together Farms (thanks for the recommendation Carly!) Located a little outside of Corvallis, it is a small restaurant located on a farm that grows most of the ingredients for their dishes. Mason had fun flirting with our waitress and scored a free squash and lots of smiles. With these photos you can see parts of the restaurant and Mason having his first sips of peppermint tea.


We had fun in Corvallis, walking downtown, the river park, farmers market, the campus of Oregon State, and even found time to find two geocashes. We each had a solo night out- Elaine went to a coffee shop and later went salsa dancing and I went to a movie. Elaine had a blast and I was wishing The Master had more pizazz

We left town this morning and made our way to Portland. Yeah Portland! We are taking lots of photos here too and I’ll get them posted in a couple days. Before that though, here are two more photos from Corvallis… Enjoy!



Bend, OR

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(This is Mark logged into Elaine’s account)


The first stop on our family trip to Oregon and Washington was to Bend and we got to stay with our good friends Tiffany & Dave who have lived there for about a year and a half. It was great to stay with friends, get tours and recommendations, and they even watched Mason for an evening and we were able to go to the Dechutes Brewery. In addition we got to see Lindsay, a former massage classmate of Elaine, and her family.

It was a beautiful time to visit Bend and I think we took advantage of our three nights in town. Tiffany took us to the parks, out to fun restaurants, and on a fun morning walk along the river (if you ask Elaine it was more of a hike). Trees were full of color- some looked on-fire with a deep red and aspen were still full of gold colored leaves.

Our final day in Bend started with a surprise… we woke up to snow! Elaine didn’t believe my observation, guess I can be a little sarcastic at times, but was over joyed to show Mason his first snow storm. We all quickly bundled up and went out to catch the biggest snow flakes I’ve EVER seen. Mason seemed a little confused at first but then seemed to catch on that being cold and wet by choice is a lot of fun.

Thanks again Tiffany & Dave! we had a great time and now we are off to Corvallis.

We took a ton of photos in Bend and here are a few…enjoy, Mark