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How Things Change

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Like Mark said… how things change.

There’s a tiny baby sleeping on my chest.  With his hands folded under his resting cheek.  His tiny, short, fast breathes.

He rustles every now and then, coos… or makes a concerned noise.

He’s so soft.  So warm.  So sweet.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of this.  Resting my chin on his warm little head.  Wrapping my arms around his tiny body.  Holding his little baby hands, pulled into tight little fists.  Spreading kisses all over his soft little forehead and nose and cheeks.

He was four weeks old yesterday.  And looking back in disbelief at how quickly these four weeks have gone, gives me a grasp of the truth in that thing that parents always say.  About how it goes by so fast.  It makes me amazed.  Still in wonder at how much he’s going to change and grow.  And at the same time… a little desperate to cling onto these moments as they’re happening.  Almost a little sad already, as I hold this tiny baby close and realize that he will never be this small again.

I have such a hard time imagining him as a three year old…  or a ten year old.  Our sweet, sleepy, little baby as a teenager.  Or a grown man.

But then sometimes… when he’s quiet, but awake.  And just looking around with those big gorgeous (currently blue) eyes… I can see the little boy in our beautiful cheeky baby’s face.  And I wonder how long it will be before I can see the grown man in our little boy’s face.

I’ve been putting off posting.  Not just because new babies are a handful (which my goodness, they are!)… but also because I don’t know if I can find the words to convey all the crazy amazing and unimaginably brand new feelings I have.  I don’t know if I can capture just how radically our whole world has been changed.  How this itty bitty creature can cause so many emotions to fill me to the brim.  All simultaneously.  All overwhelming at different times.

There’s not much variation in the daily routine.  Baby snuggles and wailing cries.  Feedings, diaper changes, visits from family or friends.  Finding time to feed myself, do dishes or laundry.  Watching shows when he’s not content to be anywhere but in my arms.  But inside… there’s so much going on.  New things to be awestruck at.  New loves, new worries, new fears, new thoughts about the future, new excitements, new discussions, new stresses…

And I guess maybe it’s all still so new that the only way I can convey it is in bits & pieces.  Individual moments and emotions.  Little by little.  As this new routine becomes a part of us all.


Alarm clocks, G-babies, & Building Smiles

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Hi, this has been a challenging week for a blog post; in reality its been a challenging week to do a lot of things that were once easy. I went back to work last Monday and we are both stretching to find a good routines for everyone in the family. While Elaine was doing an amazing job at home changing diapers, going for walks, and even going out for lunch with her parents this is peak into my week:

My alarm wakes me at 7am (709 and finally 718)
Coffee intake begins when I get to work at 8am
At 10am I wonder if someone is playing a prank and switching me to decaf
At 2pm I check multiple clocks around the office just to make sure that it isn’t really 4pm
Home around 6pm and say hello to Ruby, Elaine, & Mason
645pm Dinner time, hold a crying baby, & hold a sleeping baby
Around 9pm we decide to prepare for bed and sleep by 1030
Random diaper changes, broken swaddles, and eating

I don’t think we have any room to complain. Mason is a really chill kid and both Elaine and I are fortunate to have a happy, healthy, and engaging newborn. He likes to sleep, he has no problem eating, he likes to be held, and he’s pretty darn cute. By no means do we have this parenting thing figured out but we are having fun and that’s what counts.

Last night in Carpinteria we started our journey into cloth diapering. We must not have given Mason many details into this transition as he went through all 4 of our cloth diapers in lightning speed. Elaine’s parents offered us paper towels but thankfully we had one disposable diaper our reserves. Since we started 21 hours ago we’ve used a total of 13 cloth inserts and 5 outer shells. This is going to be fun…

There are many reason that Elaine and I chose to use cloth diapers but we both probably have different #1 reasons. Personally, my top reason is environmental. For only a few hours of use, disposable diapers that are filled with plastic, chemicals, and trees and will remain in our landfills for hundreds of years. Pretty scary. In addition our hope is to also save some money. Unlike disposable diapers, now that we’ve bought our supplies we shouldn’t need to buy more until he gets bigger. As an added plus the diaper shells are pretty darn cute.

Cloth diapers have changed a lot in the years and we’ve decided on a hybrid cloth diaper set called G Diapers. The outer shell velcros close and inside there is a spot for either the cloth insert or a flushable/disposable/compostable insert. For us the G Diapers had the best of both worlds of convenience, green impact, and accessibility. So far so good but I imagine that we’ll keep you posted.

Earlier this week a Clarissa, a photography friend, took some newborn photos of Mason. Elaine and I were also featured but as we are learning Mason is the center of ‘us’. Clarissa also took our pregnancy photos earlier in September (that feels like a year ago) and here are a few from that shot. They turned out pretty good.
Thanks for reading- Mark