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Photo Shoot

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Here is a quick slideshow of some photos of Mason and me. Not all of the shots are frame worthy, but fun none the less!  Most of them are from a quiet previous Sunday and the last two are from a Holiday party from last night.

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The Back Patio & One Year Appt

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Day or night, hot or cold, since we brought Mason home he has always loved going outside. Even amidst his deepest cries going outside almost immediately calms him. His eyes clear and usually he points us in a direction that he wants to explore. We were a little anxious during our cold weather adventures, but Elaine and I learned that even looking outside has a soothing affect for Mason.
Elaine and I have our theories of why he loves the outdoors, but I wish we could ask him why he loves it so much. It could be the feeling of openness and not being confines by walls. It also could be that he can hear and feel the breeze. Or that he gets to see the trees, birds, and help water the plants. He also my love to feel sunshine and getting his hands in the dirt. For now it’s a guessing game, but it won’t be long until we get to see things through his eyes.

Here are some photos from our outside time yesterday.

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Here are a couple indoor shots from the last two days.
















Last Monday Mason had his One Year doctor’s appointment and we got to tag along too. Other than the food allergies he is a healthy and happy baby. I don’t remember all of the measurements, but our baby is 24.4 lbs and 30 inches tall. Crazy!
Our only new directions to add to our daily routine are brushing his teeth. This might be too much information, but Elaine and I have a hard enough time remembering to brush our own teeth twice a day and now it will get a little more challenging with an added person. Twice a day will be the goal for the family and who knows maybe he will like it!

Here is a quick photo from his One Year appointment.

Hawaii Living

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From one of our previous blog posts you could see that we were on a plane going to Hawaii to co-vacation with my parents for a week. Well we never posted much about the trip and there are three reasons that we haven’t had much follow through with the excellent trip!

1) we were on vacation and neither of us had a computer
2) getting home was a big adjustment
3) Mason’s eczema exploded which created doctor appointments, poor sleeping, and busy schedules

Now that things are progressing, we have no lame excuses and can recap about the beauty of Hawaii and how great it is to spend time together as a family.

We took off from LAX on a half-filled plane and Mason did a great job of playing, sleeping, eating, and was pretty easy to sooth. Yeah he got a little fussy at some points but I’d be scared if he didn’t cry, sing, or fuss over a 5 hour stretch of time. Once we landed on Maui we met my parents (and a lot of humidity) and thus began our vacation routine of morning coffee, beach time, fresh fruit, hotel relaxing, exploring walks, cooking and eating good food, and a king sized bed. This was the repeated cycle of the seven days 🙂

This year’s trip was a lot different than last years (Elaine=broken foot & Mark= torn ACL) and completely different than the very active 2010 trip before. But even though this trip was surrounded by naps, diaper changes, and short trips it still was amazing. The beach at Napili has a very comfortable, quiet, and homey feel to it- the surrounding gardens are always manicured, the sand always has a wet and grainy feel to it, the sun sets in almost the same spot, and the ocean water has a refreshingly warm salty feel. Even though waves are always rolling up to the shore trying to change it, Napili has remained quaint, simple, and beautiful.

The week went by incredibly quickly and before we knew it we were being whisked back to the airport to fly back home. We tried to take a lot of photos on our trip and included a handful in a slideshow at the bottom of this post. In them you’ll see Mason’s first beach trip, some pool time, and some of our adventures.

Big thank you for my parents! It was absolutely wonderful to spend time with you, watch you play with Mason, and spend time together as a big family! Aloha!

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My baby’s growing up!!!

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This is Mason’s first night sleeping in his crib in his own room…

It’s bittersweet.

I’m both excited for a new little milestone

And feeling so sad that he won’t be sleeping right next to me!!

Wish us luck that he has good sleep tonight!

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Quick Photo Slideshow

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These six photos are from about ten days ago and capture moments as we are trying to get out the door and discover another wet diaper… These shots also show the other thing we’ve recently discovered- Ruby is often the most photogenic one in the family. She is a good girl

Hope you’ve had a great weekend,

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Looking Back

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Looking Back

Last night, at around 11pm, we remembered we had a Shutterfly coupon.  100 free photo prints, that we had meant to use but it had apparently slipped our mind until then.  One hour before the coupon expired.  We debated for a minute… it’s late… we’re both tired… Mark has to get up for work in the morning… is it going to stress us out to try and pick 100 photos out of the 3,000 (no joke) that we’ve take since Mason was born…

But hey, 100 free photos right? We narrowed it down to just the photos we had taken on Mark’s iphone so we could see how the square shaped, vintage-y hipstamatic photos would turn out in print.  Plus, looking through 1,319 photos is easier than looking through 3,000… right?

We were down to the minute.  3 minutes to be exact.  At 11:57pm, we had our 100 photos selected, uploaded and clicked the order button.  Phew!

And afterward… simultaneously exhausted and adrenaline spiked at trying to finish this project before midnight… we collapsed into bed.  Thoroughly pleased that we had decided to spend that hectic hour on a visual tour of our last two months.

We marvel all the time at how much he’s changed and grown.  But it was so fun to sit side by side, sleeping baby in the bassinet next to us and relive all those moments.  And even though he’s still a little babe, we could see how tiny he was such a short time ago.  The way his skin bunched up in little baby wrinkles the first couple days he was alive, like he hadn’t quite grown into it.  How he used to swim in onesies that he’s now grown out of.  How adorable he looked in his newborn tiny gdiapers.  How he would scream everytime his clothes were taken off.  His bewildered little face when he took his first bath.  And think about how far we’ve come as a family.

Since 100 photos would be a lot to expect you to look through with as much entertainment as we did last night… I’m posting up just a handful of the ones that we choose that we haven’t posted here on the blog yet.

I hope you get even a smidge as much delight out of them as we do. 🙂

(Disclaimer: I tried to narrow it down to a “handful”… but I could only bring myself to cut it down to 25.)

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