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Sometimes it’s foggy

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As we covered in the last post, it rains here in Portland. Sometimes it rains a lot. However sometimes it can be pretty foggy.
Two weeks ago Mason and I went to a neighborhood park on one of the foggiest days I’ve ever encountered. The great thing about the fog was that it made a fun backdrop for some photos.




Just to keep it even, here are some photos of caleb from last weekend. He had a lot of fun playing with an earthworm that we found in our backyard.





A Moment

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Life has been in full swing over the last 6 months. Elaine and I have had opposite schedules for the last few months so in case you haven’t noticed the blog has been put on the back burner.
A blog post is a blog post however I miss the time and creative process. Right now most of our updates are short and filled with photos… but it is still an update.
Here are some photos from last night after dinner. It was moment. A normal and routine time of our day, but so mundane that I decided to document it. Each stage goes incredibly fast and each phase means new moments.

Here you’ll see Mason was outside playing in the garden and Caleb cracking up with his baby giggles in the living room.







Catch up

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Life has gotten busy but wanted to take a moment to catch up our blog.

Caleb began crawling in the last 10 days and just had his first tooth break through about a week ago. We celebrated with a few nights of good sleep but are now back to waking up a couple times a night. He loves eating food and loves water even more. Caleb has a great smile and loves bouncing and standing!

Mason has been a great big brother and loves to cuddle, hold, and check on Caleb. He talks baby talk to Caleb and began calling his Caleb-bean and baby Caleb. Mason loves going to his preschool that he started in January. He has a few friends and loves the school activities like playing with play-do, climbing things, and story time. Recently he has been infatuated with The Land Before Time movie series and would watch them everyday if he could. He has learned a lot about dinosaurs and you can often hear him roaring like a Sharptooth.

There are so many photos that I could share, but here are a few recent shots. Enjoy!





Dinner Peek-a-Boo

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Just after dinner I caught this video and thought this would be a good place to share it…

As you can see, Mason and Caleb are doing a great job of playing together. Yes, they have their moments, but they light up whenever they see each other. It’s really sweet and here you get to see some of their spontaneous play. 

Photos of the Day (Mason 2.5 years)

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Believe it or not, Mason is turning two and a half in a couple days. As is tradition,  photos were taken from the moment he awoke until he went to bed on the hour. The photos catalog his daily actives, his mood, and little events. It’s unbelievable how much he has changed over the past 6 months. One thing the photos won’t display is how verbal he has gotten in the last few months. What at one time was a couple of words that created a sentence now is detailed stories, opinions, and monologs. Crazy how quick it happens…

This photo of the day is a unique one as Elaine and Caleb are up North in the Bay area visiting Juliana and Jaclyn. I believe that Elaine took a lot of photos today with Caleb so we will get his photos up on the blog here shortly. Enjoy Mason’s day….








































I took a video of our dinner conversation this evening too. The video is about 4mins long and starts with a little “NO!” but then we dive into a conversation. It gets a little long but it is classic Mason… enjoy!


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I think we’ve finally come to the post-holiday cruise. Where we aren’t trying to recover from the holidays anymore and life is starting to fall back into what feels like a familiar rhythm. Which is funny, because I’m not sure exactly what constitutes as a familiar rhythm these days, as the last half of 2013 jumped from massive traveling, to the tail end of pregnancy, to new baby living, then straight into the holidays. So maybe it’s less that things are returning to normal, but that with the absence of any major plans on the horizon, I feel like we’ve finally hit that ledge that leads into deeper water. The opportunity to be relatively still for a while. To be homebodies, and feel out this life now, which has managed to ease it’s way out of the family with a newborn stage and into whatever is next.

There have been so many changes already. I don’t even know where to start. Maybe with just a few.

Mason. His baby talk feels like it has faded all together. Which doesn’t mean that we can always understand everything that he says, but he’s nailing, not only actual words, but sentences and common phrases that we use. Thank you is no longer “Thap tham”, but actually sounds like “Thank you” or even “Thanks” He’s taken to saying, “Maybe tomorrow” and “maybe next time” when we ask him to eat or do something that he isn’t interested in at the moment. And when you ask him what he thinks about something, or if he likes something, you can see him pause and consider it… If it’s food, he tastes whatever is new, furrows his brow and goes “hmmm” before he reports back. I would give anything to be inside of his head and witness the process of thought that goes on in this little 2 year old’s brain. But in the absence of psychic powers, I am content with watching the expressions and opinions that come out of this kiddo from here.

Caleb. Is already 3 months old. Life definitely is moving quicker with two little ones than it did when we just had Mason. I can hardly believe its been three months already. This tiny tiny boy is such a sweet bundle. He is quick to smile, and loves to gurgle and coo make sounds at you, and breaks out into a huge grin when you repeat them back to him. He works so hard to pull himself to sitting and looks so proud when he stands now too, all unsteady and wobbly, complete with bobble-head action up top. Little things are different about the two boys at this age. I remember when Mason moved into his own crib, every now and then he would let out a terrified scream in the middle of the night, and I would leap up and race down the hall to see that he had pulled his blanket up over his face accidentally, scaring himself when he woke up. Caleb loves pulling his blankets up high when he’s nestled in the swing, snuggling into them and falling asleep easily that way.

There are so many more things. So many things that I want to record, to share, to remember.

But a little at a time.


Photos of the Day (10/11/13)

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This is our third addition of our Photos of the Day project. The idea is pretty simple, we take a photo every hour throughout the day to capture the daily routine and little moments. We’ve been doing the photo project every six months for Mason and we are happy to add Caleb into the mix.

As you’ll see, our day included some home time, a trip to the pumpkin patch, time down in Carpinteria to visit Elaine’s parents, lots of naps for Caleb and a bouncing Mason at bedtime. Our day was a lot of fun and filled with little adventures. We were all pretty tired by the end but look forward to doing the next round in six months.

For whatever reason I can’t seem to get the formatting right on the post. So if you are reading this blog post on your email it may be kind of difficult. I’d suggest you go to our website: for easier reading.

Thanks and enjoy!







IMG_7279 IMG_3302



IMG_3320 IMG_7283



IMG_7290 IMG_7300



IMG_7377 IMG_7368



IMG_7436 IMG_7443



IMG_7444 IMG_3340



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IMG_7475 IMG_7476



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IMG_3401 IMG_3392